Our Gym Essentials

Whether you've just taken the leap and signed up for a new membership, or you're a veteran gym bunny, here's our top five things you need to remember when heading for your workout.

Slydes Sandals Top 5 Gym Essential Tips

1. Gym Bag Fundamentals

Though your gym bag should be as unique as your fitness goals, every bag should be packed with a few must-have's: good quality gym wear that is breathable and well fitted, training shoes (duh!), Music (and good earphones), a towel (though some gyms do provide these) and deodorant. Finally, no gym bag should ever be without a good shaker bottle and any gadgets or apps you might need to track your progress. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your Slydes for ultimate post-gym relaxation!

2. Gym Etiquette

There’s a host of unwritten gym rules that are easy to fall fowl of, be it in the cardio room, in your class, or in the locker room so let's just keep it simple! No excessive grunting, keep your sweat to yourself (use that towel to wipe down equipment after you finish, as well as yourself), don’t let it all hang out, keep mobile without your mobile (with the exception of those fitness apps), no marking your territory (saving seats at secondary school was never fair!), arrive early, be kind!

3. Gym Goals

Whether you want to lower your body fat percentage, master a skill, get stronger, increase your wellbeing or train for an event, you've gotta stick to it!  The take-away here is that self discipline and passion alone will pull you through anything!  Set your goal and honour it.

4. Warm Up

Its important to warm up your muscles before you start exercising as to prevent trauma such as cramps and fractures during your fitness session. Don’t start without them!

5. Cool down

A fundamental part of the gym routine.  Cooling down exercises at lower intensities set your heart rate and breathing back to normal, prevent fainting, reduce muscle soreness and spasms, and remove waste substances such as lactic acid. Take ten minutes.